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Sci Fi Sunday - Reality Check Continues

Good morning, happy Sunday, and welcome to another edition of Sci Fi Sunday! I hope you're looking forward to seeing another chapter of Reality Check, cause we're excited to bring it to you! Kay and Reno are on Cloud Nine! They just have to figure out how to see one another while pretending to have Reno court Kay's sister Luci. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Enjoy this episode, and don't forget to check out Sui's blog at 2 Cents, and my blog at Full Moon Dreaming.

!  Reality Check

I waken with the taste of something wonderful in my mouth, my lips are tingling, my heart is singing, and I’m feeling as giddy as the time when I was hung upside down by Swyddogh until the blood rushed to my head (it was at my instruction, and it was a very long time ago, I was only seven, I think). There is a name that has carved itself into my heart, and I smile 
as I speak it aloud to myself.

“Reno.” I repeat it for good measure. “Reno, Reno, Reno.” Yes, I know his full name has a lot more syllables and letters, but I cannot be bothered to learn those when Reno says it all to me.

I roll over, my hand automatically going to the hardness I’ve wakened with. How I wish he were here. I ache for his touch. Thinking of his lips, I begin to moan, stroking myself through the silken sheet which covers me. I probably shouldn’t be doing this, I need to get up, but damned if I can tear myself away from thoughts of him. My urgent need for him.

“Mmmm, Reno.” I’m fantasizing that it’s his hand; he’s touching me, keeping one hand on my cock, while the other… the other is moving toward my rear entrance, and he’s touching me there in ways no other man has ever done before. I arch my back in deepest ecstasy, my lips hungry for his, my arms wound tightly about him, and just as I’m about to offer him my essence….

I hear a discreet cough, and I’m so startled I leap from my bed. If by leap, you mean fall onto the floor, twisting the arm which now lies beneath me, my limbs tangled in my sheet, my erection deflating like a spent balloon. Dammit, right on my ass! Cruel, cruel Fate, could you not wait but a few short moments longer to burst in upon me and my dearest love?

It’s Swy, of course. I don’t even have to look to know that. No one else would dare to enter my chamber thus.  As I start to wrap the sheet about me, I realize that I’ve managed to soak it fairly well with pre-cum. It feels wet and nasty, and I re-think my idea as I toss the scummy piece of linen onto the floor for the servants to deal with, run my hand through my hair, and seek to maintain some scrap of dignity. I’m not about to let him see that he’s caught me by surprise, although I suspect he knows that, as he’s turned away from me in his usual discreet manner.

“Good morning, Swy, I was just about to get it up. I mean get up,” I hastily amend. “Shall we begin our day, then?”

“Yes, Your Highness, at once, Your Highness.”

The man is the soul of discretion, luckily, and I know this will stay between us. Besides, he’s caught me in far more embarrassing situations.

“Does Your Highness require any… medical assistance?”

I gingerly feel my arms and legs, just to make sure I’ve not damaged anything. No, maybe a little sore, but nothing that a good hot soak won’t take care of. But not right now. I have other things to do, before I prepare to see… him….

The tension leaves my overwrought chest at the very thought of him. Did I just giggle? I cover the sound with coughing. That’s better.

I sweep imperiously past Swy, heading to my bathroom. All I intend for the moment is a quick cleansing to freshen myself. “Prepare my clothes,” I command. By the time I return, feeling much fresher (and yes, I’ve taken the opportunity to complete what was almost finished earlier, thinking of Reno the whole time), he has laid out an outfit for me to wear. I nod my approval. I’m going to see my parents, and discuss this courtship thing between my sister and Reno’s brother. What is his name again? Maybe I’ll just call him Jow. I want them to take me very seriously. This is serious business. I just have to make sure that they allow me to act as Luci’s chaperone, and not have them suspect anything of the truth, which is that Reno shall be courting me, and Luci will be not courted.

I realize that might not fly with those two, so I grudgingly decide that perhaps Jow may court my sister, but I shall keep a careful eye upon them. Although how I think I shall do that when being around Reno makes my thoughts turn into colorful butterflies which flit about my brain, and I find I can pay attention to no one and nothing else—well, we shall just have to deal with that later. The important thing to remember is that we must leave the actual marriage date open-ended. That might be tricky, but I think I’m a skillful enough negotiator that it shouldn’t be anything I cannot handle.

My skirt is maroon and hangs just above my knees, while my jacket is black and maroon, with silver buttons. Black boots which hug my calves, dangling silver earrings, and black eyeliner. I like the way it makes my eyes look even wider. I preen before the mirror Swy’s holding, admiring the view. “Sexy baby,” I murmur aloud. If only Reno could see me now. Soon, I vow to myself, soon.

“Are my parents up?”

“Yes, your highness. They are in the reception room now, I believe.”

“Good. I’ll join them there.” My stomach rumbles, and I know I should eat, but my business is too urgent, so I tell it to hush, I’ll deal with it later. I debate on whether or not to wear gloves. I like the way they look, the black ones match this outfit perfectly, but I end up deciding against it.

“Come.” Head held high, I exit my rooms, Swyddogh just behind me, heading toward my parents in order to negotiate my future happiness, and Luci’s—at least for the foreseeable future.

“Aren’t you awake yet!” Jaou has barged into my room, the door ricocheting back and closing of its own accord with the force he’s used on it.

“I am now. By the guardian Jaou, what is wrong with you?” I sit up and pull the blankets up to cover my morning wood. I’d been having the most wonderful dream, about my little princeling. Part of me is sure he’s already forgotten about me and moved on to his next conquest… and yet… Part of me hopes he hasn’t.

“I – I went to see Mother this morning.” Jaou has my undivided attention now, as he paces around my room.

“What the hell did you do?” I try to remain calm but if Jaou’s destroyed it all by telling our parents what we’ve done, knowing how adamant mother was when I tried to get out of this mess….  Well, words fail me at the moment. I don’t know what I’ll do.

“I tried to convince Mother to let me court Luci. I told her that a match between you and she does not appear to be very likely. She said it didn’t matter if a match was likely or not. Your future had been decided and I need to stay out of the way.”

“Please tell me you didn’t tell them what we did. Tell me you didn’t tell her about Kay, did you?” Oh please guardian let him have kept his big mouth shut! I plead with the powers that guide our lives.

“Well, of course not. I’m not stupid. I just hoped, if she thought there was a chance you wouldn’t be able to attract Luci, she might let me try. I told her that I’d danced with Luci and she liked me. I told her that the two of you didn’t appear to be overly friendly to one another. That’s the truth, after all.  I don’t like lying to our mother and father.” I cross my legs under the blanket and pat the bed beside me, and Jaou joins me. I put my hand on Jaou’s shoulder, intending to comfort him.

“I don’t like it either. I just don’t know how else to deal with this. Mother’s decided that it must be this way. I don’t begin to understand her thinking.” Jaou sighs and hangs his head, but he’s still listening. “We must keep our liaisons to ourselves. Maybe if the King and Queen were to request a switch of courtiers, then maybe Mother would be more open to a change of plans, but she’ll not change her designs just on the desires of her sons.”

“But why? Why is she being so adamant? Moma and Doda (Jaou always did use his baby names for our parents when he was feeling upset and sentimental) have always loved and cared for us. I don’t understand why they won’t let us choose our beloved for ourselves. They always said a loving relationship is the basis for good leadership.”

“I don’t know, Jaou. Maybe the Seer has been to see Mother, bringing dreams of our future, and she’s just trying to assure our happiness?” I get up out of bed and walk to my wardrobe, stroking the smooth material of the clothing I’d worn. No scent of Kay remains in the cloth but I can still see him in my arms, feel his warm body as I held it tightly against my own.

“They want you to go see them when you awaken.” Jaou stands and heads for the door.

“Will you please let them know I’m awake and I’ll attend them after I’ve taken care of my morning necessities?”

“Sure. I’ll see you at breakfast then shortly?”

“Yes.” I smile at Jaou although I don’t feel much happiness with the situation we’re in. It’s regrettable that I can’t be open about my desires. I’d thought to try to have mother request the switch as well, but with Jaou’s preemptive attempt it’d be foolhardy to follow the same course. Instead I need to make plans for the courtship of Luci and hope that Kay will find a way to convince his parents to request a change in the courting order, or we’ll simply stick with the original plan. Whatever it takes.

I walk into my private bathing room, wash my face, still glowing with the colors of courtship. The colors aren’t quite as vibrant in my hair, not as bright as they’d been yesterday. I’d need to spend an hour with the guardian to maintain them, something I’m sure Mother will insist upon. I spend a few minutes in running a comb through my hair, before I secure it at the back of my neck with a leather tie.

Visions of Kay keep me company as I review our short time together over and over in my mind.  Unfortunately along with visions of Kay, I become achingly hard and in need of release. The troublesome part is that if I give in and release my seed, Mother and Father will be able to smell my pollination and they’ll disbelieve Jaou’s story. I painfully need to subdue my deep desires. Taking myself in hand and painfully pinching the tip of my erection, I wrest my mind from my beautiful princeling to the most hideous sight I can imagine… the Seer, unclothed. The Seer, a one hundred and twenty plus cycle female, who’s body has long ago become rotund and sags with wrinkles and layers of fat, is the epitome of unattractiveness,  if not repulsiveness.

Concentrating on holding her appearance in my mind’s eye, I thump the sensitive head of my cock severely, causing a moment of pain. It works; my desires quickly flag. With a last wash up at the sink, and a resigned sigh, I prepare to join my brother and parents at the breakfast table. Knowing afterwards I’ll be sunning in the gardens while Mother and Father go through their contact channels in order to arrange our next day of courtship.

I wonder who Mother’s contact at the court could be. Surely not Orm Schlangeleben. He’s the councilor who attends many of Mother’s council meetings in the name of the King; he’s supposed to bring forth native concerns to the Royal Council. Although there’s a native representative who attends all meetings in the name of the population, Orm Schlangeleben is supposed to be our connection to the Royal Family.
The family is all seated at the table, as I take my seat. “Good morning.”

to be continued

Join us next week for more of the further adventures of Reno  and Kay in Reality Check! What do you think of our boys? Any ideas, comments, or suggestions?  We'd love to hear them!

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