Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Getting ready for 2012, so we thought we'd leave you with a few of my favorite inspiration pics of 2011 and wish everyone a Happy New Year!

 I hope you've enjoyed this inspirational walk down memory lane. I'm sure there will be many more beautiful hot gorgeous men in 2012.

Wishing you Love and Butterflies AND a HAPPY NEW YEAR,
Sui and Julie~~

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sci Fi Sunday - A Salute to the Men OF DS9

Happy Sunday and welcome to another edition of Sci Fi Sunday! Today we are going to take a look at those wonderful men from Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Enjoy!

Avery Brooks as Commander Sisco, commanding officer of DS9. He started the series with hair, but somewhere along the way he shaved it off. 

Not sure what this is from, but it's a good picture of him.

And here he is with William Shatner.

Officer Odo was in charge of security. He was a shapeshifter, before the term was applied to other creatures, such as werewolves. He was able to shift into objects of any kind, and had to spend a certain amount of time in a bucket in a liquid state. Hard to recognize Rene Auberjonois under that make up!

There was something obviously between Odo and Kira Nereis, but Odo wasn't much of one for romance. Or relationships. He was always trying to catch Quark in the act, but by the end of the series, he gained a grudging respect for the Ferengian bar owner.

Everyone liked the genial Doctor Bashir, who could be rather naive at times. He had a thing for Jadzia Dax, but she ended up marrying someone else. I believe he ended up with Ezri Dax later. I could never warm up to her.

Here is Dr. Bashir and his good friend Chief Miles O'Brien, engineer for DS9.

O'Brien was on Next Gen before DS9. He was married to Keiko, and they have a little girl named Molly. You can find him on AMC's Hell on Wheels as a ruthless railroad builder.

Another picture of Dr. Bashir from his imaginary spy adventures in the holo suite.

Can't forget Q, also seen on Next Gen. He was mischievous and troublesome. And charming.

Here's Commander Worf. I know some people thought him standoffish, but I liked him.

Yes, he's the one who stole and married Jadzia Dax.

Garak. On the surface a simple tailor on DS9. In reality, a spy for the Obsidian Order. Very complex, and very fascinating. He became a good friend of Doctor Bashir. Played by Andrew Robinson, who was the bad guy in Dirty Harry, and was also in Hellraiser.

Now for my favorite character of all - Quark. Unscrupulous, sharp, businesslike and opportunistic, still - he had something good deep inside. Best character ever.

Quark was played by Armin Shimerman, whom you might remember from Beauty and the Beast. Usually seen beating on the pipes belowground.

Who's your favorite DS9 character? I'd love to know!

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♥ Julie and Sui

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Steampunk Sunday - Hugo Review

Good morning and Happy Steampunk Sunday! Yesterday, Sarah and I went to see Hugo at the theater. Let me tell you about it!

Director/Studio/Author: Martin Scorsese/GK Films/John Logan
American release date: November 23, 2011
Format, Genre and length: Theatrical Release/Fantasy/127 minutes
Publisher/Industry Age Rating: PG (for mild thematic material, some action/peril and smoking) 
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

At the age of twelve, life is difficult for Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterfield), and all he is allowed to see of it is what he spies from behind the scenes of the clockworks in the Paris train station. Taken in by his drunk uncle (Ray Winstone) on the death of his inventor father (Jude Law), Hugo is stripped of everything he’s known, including school, and friends, and forced to work, keeping the clocks running. All that remains of his father is an automaton, and a notebook filled with his notes. In order to fix the automaton, which his father had been in the processing of restoring before his death, Hugo steals parts from the toy store in the station, that is owned and operated by the crotchety Ben Kingsley. When he catches Hugo stealing from him, he takes the notebook away from him and threatens to burn it.


A desperate Hugo goes to the man’s house, where he enlists the aid of his goddaughter Isabella (ChloĆ« Grace Moretz). He bravely approaches George and strikes a deal with him—he’ll work around the shop to make up for what he’s stolen, and maybe he’ll give him the notebook back. He’s still going to take care of the clocks, as his uncle has disappeared, and he knows what happens to orphaned children who are caught by the Station Inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen)—they end up in an orphanage!

Solving the mystery of how to fix the automaton draws Hugo and Isabella into a greater mystery, one that might lead to dire consequences, as he tries to cling to his father’s legacy.


Right off the bat, let me say—bring Kleenex. If you’re like me, you’ll need it. This might be considered a children’s film, but it’s of interest to all ages, as evidenced by the various age groups of the people in the theater. It’s a beautifully done film, and even though the pace isn’t breakneck, and almost slow at times, it most certainly works. Asa Butterfield did a wonderful job as Hugo. I last saw him in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, another tearjerker. Sacha Baron Cohen as the Station Inspector was wonderful. During the course of the film, he spends a lot of time chasing after Hugo, along with his Doberman Pinscher Maximillian, determined to catch him. He’s as stiff as his leg, which is encased in a mechanical device, courtesy of the Great War. He has a crush on the flower girl (Emily Mortimer) at the station, and doesn’t know how to talk to her, but receives advice from Madame Emilie (Frances de la Tour of Harry Potter fame, Madame Maxine). Also from the Harry Potter films is Richard Griffiths (Harry’s Uncle Vernon), who would like to get to know Madame Emilie, but her dog seems to have taken a dislike to him.

Look for Christopher Lee as a kindly book store owner as well. I’d know him anywhere by his voice, and I have to say he’s looking great. Speaking of books, pick up the book by Brian Selznick.

Hugo was produced by Johnny Depp; it has quite the pedigree. The look of the film is amazing. It has a definite steampunk feel to it. The special effects are wonderfully done. This is sure to become a classic, and well worth acquiring on DVD when it comes out. In the meantime, go see it at the theater to get the total experience. I did not see it in 3D, by the way, so cannot comment on that. 

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winter Demon Volume 3 Review

Winter Demon, Volume 3  
Author:  Yamila Abraham
Distributor:  Yaoi Press
American release date:  2008
Format/Genre:  Manga/Yaoi
Publisher/Industry Age Rating:  Mature
Overall Personal Rating:  ★★★★
Similar series or titles to check out:   9th Sleep

Hakuin and Fuyu deliver the healed girl to her home, which is in the monk's village of Morikoku.  Fuyu wishes to spend the night, to get a chance to fondle Hakuin in privacy now that the girl is gone, but the monk insists they  need to get to Priest Shidan to fix the demon whip, so Fuyu contents himself with telling Hakuin, in very graphic language, just what he would like to do to him, as they go on their way.    As they near the priest's house, they run into another demon - one who has eyes for Fuyu!  It turns out to be none other than Figaru.  It seems that Shidan cannot fix the weapon, he must take it to his mentor, who cannot abide demons, so only Hakuin  may accompany him.  Which leaves Fuyu alone with the horny incubus!  Although Shidan does contain him in a magic circle, the only concession he is willing to make to Fuyu's safety.  Thanks a lot, Priest Shidan!


Alarming news arrives the next morning, and the two demons set off after Hakuin and Shidan.  Which is just what Shidan's mentor wants, for this is a trap she has laid purposly for the Winter Demon - she has a score to settle with him for some past wrongs.  In the aftermath, Hakuin broaches a rather delicate subject - that Figaru needs Fuyu to heal.  To what lengths will the demon go in order to please his little monk?  And what of his new knowledge, of things he wasn't meant to know?  Hakuin isn't healing properly, he needs to see a doctor, so he asks Fuyu to take him back to Morikoku, to Doctor Takuma.

In the Epilogue, we meet Doctor Takuma, who is searching for a particular medicinal leaf he needs to help heal his sister; his supply is out so he is searching in a dangerous area, as there is said to be a demon there.  But he is determined to help his sister.  He is discovered there by the demon, Lord Ryuuto, who takes him to help his ailing wife - but he wishes her taken out of life, not brought back!  (As a healer, he could cure her himself, but he cannot kill her)  When Takuma eases her from her pain, Ryuuto says he can use the spring whenever he likes, but he won't agree to heal Takuma's sister.  The doctor returns to avail himself of the wonderful hot spring, and he finds himself fascinated by the conversations he has with the demon. Ryuuto realizes that the doctor feels an attraction for him, and he is certainly attracted to the human,  so he makes him a rather unusual proposal - of marriage!  The confused doctor returns home to think.  But his ruminations are interrupted by news of a battle - there are wounded coming, lots of them.  And he receives assistance from an unexpected source!


By now, the story of the Winter Demon has wrapped itself about my curiousity and my need to know.  The character development is good, as we follow these two in their courtship.  I hope that Fuyu's newfound knowledge won't queer things for them - no pun intended.  And I hope tha the will be able to overcome his past.  To err is human, to forgive divine.  Does this go for demons too?  There are some interesting questions brought into play in this volume about relationships, intimacy, and sex versus love.  This is probably the same school of thought used by those who seek out sex therapists, the rationale being that it's medicinal, not sexual.  You'll have to decide that for yourself.  But there's certainly stuff to mull over in this volume.

The addition of Doctor Takuma is an interesting one - now we have a potential new couple on our hands, and a rather comely one at that.  Ryuuto seems to have promise, but at the same time he's a bit of a bad boy; automatic turn-on for a lot of women.  I am curious to see how this thing with him and Doctor T works out.

Winter Demon has not only founds its pace, Yamila Abraham is hitting her stride, and hitting it well.  The action flows smoothly, with a good balance between action and introspection, never leaving out that element of heat, in the form of the demon's narrated fantasy (with visual aids, of course!), which is pretty damn hot.  I, for one, hope Fuyu gets his way, I'd surely like to see that.  At the end of the volume there is a preview for Volume 2 of another Yaoi Press offering, Dark Prince. 

We're almost to the finish line, enquiring minds need to know - will Fuyu prove that his love for Hakuin is genuine, and will the purification mumbo jumbo prove to be just that, and not the glue that binds them together?  Stay tuned, yaoi lovers, for the last exciting volume!

Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Halloween - and have we got a treat for you!

In honor of it being Halloween, we're giving  you our salute to the holiday with some sexy men in costume - some with more costume than others! Hope you enjoy them all, and happy Halloween to you all!

Calling Doctor Love! The perfect treatment for any ailment! He wants to check you out!

Ready to go clubbing? This go-go boy wants to shake his thing - just for you!

It might be a little early for Thanksgiving, but we invited our Native American friend to feast with us! Make him feel welcome, will you? And tell him that the loin cloth is purely optional!

Shades of 300! This Spartan warrior's away from home, just looking for a good time. Anyone want to help him out?

This guy brings a whole new level of meaning to Fantasy Island! Shades of Ricardo Montalban!  Da plane, da plane! This guy says he's ready to make your fantasy come true!

In the Navy, we can sail the seven seas!  Well, double your pleasure, double your... fill in the blanks yourself with this sailors delight!

I'm not sure what his costume was, since I caught him in the midst of taking it off, but I'm not complaining!

Hope you like them, Happy Halloween and take care, til next time!

♥ Julie and Sui