Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Halloween - and have we got a treat for you!

In honor of it being Halloween, we're giving  you our salute to the holiday with some sexy men in costume - some with more costume than others! Hope you enjoy them all, and happy Halloween to you all!

Calling Doctor Love! The perfect treatment for any ailment! He wants to check you out!

Ready to go clubbing? This go-go boy wants to shake his thing - just for you!

It might be a little early for Thanksgiving, but we invited our Native American friend to feast with us! Make him feel welcome, will you? And tell him that the loin cloth is purely optional!

Shades of 300! This Spartan warrior's away from home, just looking for a good time. Anyone want to help him out?

This guy brings a whole new level of meaning to Fantasy Island! Shades of Ricardo Montalban!  Da plane, da plane! This guy says he's ready to make your fantasy come true!

In the Navy, we can sail the seven seas!  Well, double your pleasure, double your... fill in the blanks yourself with this sailors delight!

I'm not sure what his costume was, since I caught him in the midst of taking it off, but I'm not complaining!

Hope you like them, Happy Halloween and take care, til next time!

♥ Julie and Sui

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