Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Salute to those lovely men of Harry Potter

Seeing at this weekend, I'm working the 24 Hours of Potter convention, it only seems fitting that I present to you some of the sexy men that fill our hearts and elate our eyes, and make us purr! The sexy studs of Harry Potter!

I would be a liar, if I said that there wasn't one HP character and actor that didn't hold my heart, 'cause there is, and I doubt any of you will be shocked at this as I present to you Mr. Gary Oldman as Sirius Black!

This one has always been my favorite pic of Gary.

Next his cohort in the film, Sirius's best friend and lover, Remus Lupin, played by the lovely David Thewlis:

Yes, I found a nude shot of David! Woohoo! Now for a little togetherness:

Moving on, we have the luscious Jason Isaacs as that bad boy Lucius Malfoy:

His look changed over the course of the films, isn't he utterly scrumptious here? Not that he ever looked bad!

And now the billowing robes of Professor Snape, aka Alan Rickman shall fill your soul! Er, your screen:

That last photo is from  his film Dark Harbor. Unfortunately, that is the only full frontal shot, and the film does not match its potential. I was vastly disappointed in it, but enjoyed the surprise ending.

Finally, last but not least, the title character, he who started us on this voyage of discovery, Daniel Radcliffe. Not a child any more, but a man, as you can see here?

Thus you have our salute to Harry Potter. If you are anywhere near the St. Louis area, come to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Clayton for 24 Hours of Potter. It will be fun!

If you like what you saw, let us know. We couldn't get to all the men, so sorry if we missed your fave! Any comments, ideas or suggestions are most welcome!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie and Sui


  1. Beautiful Men one and all! I gotta say the men of HP are the reason I keep going back to see the HP movies. I can't say I'm an overly zealous fan, I'll give the movie a couple of days while the hype simmers down before I go and see it in the theater. But I will forever have that pic of Daniel with the white horse burned into my psyche when I watch the movie. I too, miss Serius Black, Mr Gary Oldman. Ah... the beautiful and sexy men of HP... Need I say more, I think not. :)

  2. yum Daniel's penis is yummy i wanna suck it